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Win Trend Technology was established in 2013. The team members have experienced storms and have more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Win Trend Technology specializes in large data, optical communications, embedded products and monitoring areas, long-term work related to the market, the service industry leader customers. In the IT infrastructure, optical communications devices, storage products and analog power products and industries have deep accumulation. The company focused on semiconductor chips and programs provided, headquartered in Shenzhen Nanshan District Science and Technology Park, in the country and more than Hong Kong has branches and subsidiaries.

Over the years, Win Trend Technology adhering to the "people-oriented, honest service, down-to-earth, best of effort" service concept, Widely accepted talent, focus on the advantages of the field, with the world's leading semiconductor and program providers, to promote China's national IT / CT The development of basic industries, the maintenance of the interests of the industry to provide high-quality chip and program sales and professional and technical services.

Win Trend Technology in the industrial chain of technical distribution links, focusing on technology transfer and implementation, with a complete breakdown of the industry reference design library. To the core IC products as the carrier, quickly provide customer demand for technical solutions, effectively shorten the customer product development and production cycle. Is the IC industry chain to connect upstream semiconductor design company and downstream customers an important link (design chain / sales supply chain). In recent years, business growth is rapid, strong customer base, broad prospects for development.